November 24

Wasteful Wastefulness (Oh, the Humanity): November 24th, 2014

Tonight I was going to write about getting rid of bad habits (like not exercising, for example).

Then I thought I would write about the perils of organization (where kids “clean up” by stashing things).

Then, I thought I might write about the concept of storage in general (Mr. Money Mustache and I totally see eye-to-eye on this one).

Oh sure, eventually I will write about each of those things, but tonight’s post is what some might call a Cautionary Tale.

See, tonight I came across something, as I roamed through the house looking for 5 down items.  Tonight I came across something, the sight of which nearly brought tears to my eyes.  The waste, people, the waste.  I know we’ve all found expired medication (again: another post one of these days) and I know we’ve found expired coupons.  I’ve even come across tickets to events I’d missed and that had long outlived their usefulness.  But never, until this evening, did I ever come across this nearly incomprehensible example of complete and utterly unadulterated WASTE in my house:

All that deliciousness LOST.  FOREVER.

All that deliciousness LOST. FOREVER.

I think we’ve all learned something here today.

Day 24 Scorecard: 120 down, 1705 to go

(actually, I think I did write about kids stashing things because I’ve never lost track of a single solitary chip, let alone an entire Halloween fun-sized treat bag, in my life).

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