November 25th, 2014

LL Bean Update and Random Crap: November 25th, 2014

Tonight is all about “why the heck did I keep that anyway?!?”

Carefully stowed away throughout our house I found 2 empty cans of sunscreen.  They were camouflaged by the 3 other bottles of not-entirely-empty cans, one of which had (apparently) been run over by one of our vehicles at some point.  I presume that type of interference with the structural integrity of the can does not change the expiration date.  Mysteriously, although the various cans of sunscreen were from different companies, all but one is set to expire in August of 2015.  Do they know something I don’t know?  Is the sun going to go supernova next August (I don’t actually even know what that means, but work with me here).

Then I found a single insole.  One.  It was also carefully stored away, near the sunscreen.  This is also a mysterious circumstance.  What would ever cause anyone (and I’m guessing a child was involved here) to choose to dispose of one insole while “putting away” the other. It boggles the mind.

The giant piece of mysterious Styrofoam cannot be explained by the children in this home.  It was located by Mike, next to his “desk.”  I offer no comment here.

Empty toner cartridge, again, why store such an item?  And the 3D glasses?  They actually have a designated drop spot for those things at the exit to the theatre.  You don’t even need to take them home!  It’s a problem with a built-in solution.

I also feel absolutely compelled to UPDATE you on an ongoing project that arose out of 5Down.  You may remember me writing about finally  sending off Solomon’s lunch box to L.L.Bean.  This was the lunch box I bought for Solomon when he was 5 and about to start school.  He’s now 9 and a half.  Tonight  I received a phone call from the good people of L.L.Bean.  I thought they were going to give me grief for sending back an obviously negligently damaged product.   I was wrong.  They were calling to ask me to choose a different pattern for his lunch box because they were all out of the one we’d ordered.  The lovely woman with whom I spoke informed me that it would arrived in approximately 4  to 5 days and then she told me to have a nice day!!!  L.L.Bean is my BFF.

Day 25 Scorecard: 125 down, 1700 to go

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