November 27th, 2014

Running: November 27th, 2014

You may have noticed that I write somewhat frequently about running.  It’s a thing I started doing about 4 years ago.  I began with the amazing  Couch to 5 k (C25K) program, then I moved on to worshipping at the altar of our local running guru (Helen “the Helenator” MacDonald), and now I’m even able to run without needing an external force.  It’s been a life-altering habit and has had incredible side benefits all the way from improved mental health, improved physical health (maintaining my ideal body weight while eating like a pig), improved coordination, and improved social skills.  I’ve met an enormous number of amazing women (and a few awesome guys, too) in the running community.

There are some things, however, that are not that fabulous about running.  Chief among those is the heightened sense of vulnerability that can come when running.  And never do I feel that more keenly than when some [REDACTED] male yells at me.

I have deduced that this occurs more frequently when two things occur:

1. When I am running alone and

2. When I am running near dusk.

Therefore, I have recently changed my running habits.  I run earlier and I do my best to always run with a buddy. Such is the reality for those of us who aren’t early birds and have full-time jobs.  If I want to run – I’ve got to do it as early as possible after work.

Tonight, I was out running with my beautiful, brilliant, and brave running bud, Lori.  For whatever reason, we were quite coordinated tonight.  We were almost entirely in black.

I do think there is a reason for this.  Although bright white would be the most visible – who wants to wear spandex in white?  So, for the most part, running gear is mostly black.  Neither of us had remembered anything reflective.

You will be happy to hear that we stuck to sidewalks for the entirety of our run, however, we did have occasion to cross roads more than once.

And that is when it happened.  We were waiting to cross a street, and there was a truck with at least 2 men in it.  It was COLD tonight (cold as only this part of the world is cold: with 82% humidity) but these dudes still had their windows down.  And they yelled at us.

But for the first time ever, I actually entirely agreed with what they yelled at us:

“you guys need some reflective gear!!!”


And  so, tonight I went shopping, friends.  I bought a bright yellow shell jacket (incidentally – I’ve also never had a shell and another amazing running bud, Shelley, lent me her vest shell last weekend and I was all “wherehaveyoubeenallmylife.”)  My new yellow jacket is not only entirely studded with reflectors, but it is likely visible from the moon.

Also I picked up a hat like Lori’s – it has LED lights built right into the brim of the hat!  It works really well and prevents broken bones from tripping on invisible sidewalks!  I bought mine at Mark’s.

And I also picked up 2 reflective bands that I will wear on my ankles.

So now if you hit me with your car, I will be able to mount an excellent defence to your claim that you couldn’t see me!

Oh, and because I bought one coat, it only seemed right to get rid of 5 coats.  That’s the point of this blog, after all.

Day 26 Scorecard: 135 down, 1690 to go.

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