November 30th, 2014

What I thought vs What Actually Happened: November 30th, 2014

So this is it.  The last day of the first month of the year of 5 Down.  The point at which it suddenly gets confusing to know what day we’re on because it no longer matches the day of the month!  Egad. We’ve divested ourselves of 5 things each day, and each day I’ve written about the experience.  It has been, and is continuing to be, educational.

What I thought                                             vs                        What actually happened

That we would run out of stuff quickly                                   Our house looks fuller than ever

I’d be tired of digging out stuff                                                  I spend time thinking about it every day (during the rest of the day)

I would run out of things to say                                                I have more topics I’d like to cover now than when I started

The rest of the family would get bored                                    The rest of the family is more than happy to pitch in (see yesterday’s post)

Friends would think we’re weird                                              Friends have kept telling me how we’ve inspired them to get rid of excess stuff, too!

I feel as though we’re about to enter the next phase of this operation, however.  See, we’ve run through the “low-hanging fruit” as it were.  I am going to have to do some of the tougher work now.  Things like actually opening up those boxes in the storage room and hauling down the stuff from top shelves.  It’s going to get more involved, in some ways.

It has been an amazing experience so far, however, in how I think about what I’m bringing into this house.  The amount of “stuff” we still have is absolutely mind-boggling and often mystifying.  Craft fairs* are also a little less fun now that I know that that object I’m coveting is destined to become just one more thing I need to find an (other) home for eventually. Fortunately craft fairs often come with FOOD, which is very easy to figure out what to do with!

Today’s group of items seems particularly fitting as we officially move into month two: things that I don’t even know what they are.  In the on-going exploration of what it is to actually examine the stuff that has accumulated in our little lair, why is it we hang onto things even when we don’t know what they are?  At least one of these objects was purchased (by me, I’ll admit) with only a very vague notion of what it might be…and I’m still not clear (it’s to heat and place in one’s hair…but to what end?).

What a weird hobby.

I never even knew you.

I never even knew you.

Day 30 Scorecard: 150 down, 1675 to go

* I went to a craft fair today with 2 sweet friends and 2 sweet little girls (one mine, one belongs to my friend).

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