December 30, 2014

Fancy Isn’t Everything: December 30th, 2014

This is Fancy Nancy.

I am Nancy and I am very, very fancy.

I am Nancy and I am very, very fancy.

Fancy Nancy has books, doodads, and other paraphernalia.  She even has her own world.

This is Aunt Nancy (a.k.a. my sister):

As you can see, Aunt Nancy is also fancy, albeit in a more grown-up, edgy kind of way.  Aunt Nancy is the same Nancy who makes the fabulous purses and she even went to fashion school!

Aunt Nancy, as fate would seem to dictate, gave Fancy Nancy to Clara on a birthday several years ago.  It was all almost too perfect.

But then, this happened:

Oh sad, sad fate.

Oh sad, sad fate.

Poor, poor Fancy Nancy.  Time to go 5Down.  Also sad: we cannot replace this doll as this style is no longer made.  Or, rather, we could replace her if we wanted to spend 100s of dollars.  Clara thinks glue might do the trick.  I think I’ve gotten her to accept Fancy Nancy’s appalling demise.

Sorry, Aunt Nancy: just be happy your head is still intact!

Day 60 Scorecard: 300 down, 1525 to go.

One thought on “Fancy Isn’t Everything: December 30th, 2014

  1. Nancy says:

    Poor, poor Fancy Nancy. NOBODY likes a cracked head. :( I simply cannot resist saying it: she must have a splitting headache! Haha!

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