January 30th, 2015

A Little Help from a Friend: January 30th, 2015

Tonight one of my lovely dinner guests offered to find 5 things to 5 Down for me.

This was amazingly interesting as the push and pull between choosing what she thought should go and what she thought I might or might not be enormously attached to proved too difficult, in the end.  I don’t blame her.  It’s like opening someone’s closet and offering to get rid of the things the owner shouldn’t wear any more.Much easier said than done.

I could also compare it to the New Year’s Eve when Mike and I decided to make resolutions for each other*. Great idea in theory…deadly minefield in practice.

In the end, my children (the two who had stayed awake during the entire get-together: yes, the younger two) pitched in to bail her out.

It was fun and I would not have been insulted whatever she had chosen, but oh the pressure!

And so tonight, late as it is, is again very short.  I promise to be more contemplative and verbose in the coming days.  After which I promise to apologize for carrying on so much.

Day 91 Scorecard: 455 down, 1,370 to go

* his idea; I give credit where blame credit is due.

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