January 31st, 2015

Bye-Bye Buy Nothing Month: January 31st, 2015

I was having a bit of a crisis a few days ago.  As some of you may know, I also write a blog called RootLocal in which I sample locally made things and root for them.  Thus far, all of my reviews have occurred at the Wolfville Farmers’ Market. Luckily, in January, I skipped one post, and I had purchased my goodie-to-review in December for the next one.  Today, however, the very last day of Buy-Nothing month, I was scheduled to travel to the Market and purchase something new to review.

What to do?

Luckily enough, the weather and the Market came together and thoughtfully stormed out Market day…which will now be held tomorrow!  Oh the great good fortune.  I really can’t thank them enough for their joint efforts.  You really shouldn’t have, it was too much already.

But seriously, I was prepared to make an exception for the greater good (I could not have The Grapevine‘s readership suffering!). Which brings me around to the topic du jour, as suggested by Mike.

Mike wanted me to tell you about when we slipped up.

I wanted to hang on to our façade of perfection.

Mike shook his head sadly and turned away.

So here goes my confessions (don’t be mad, okay?):

But first, let me distract you with this gorgeous dress I purchased when Clara was a wee baby, and hid it high on a shelf and when I found it tonight, I took it down, opened it up, she tried it on and IT FIT!!!

I did not know if I had a favourite dress but now I have a favourite dress and I will wear it to MY birthday party and even I might wear it to PAPAs birthday party!

“I did not know if I had a favourite dress but now I have a favourite dress and I will wear it to MY birthday party and even I might wear it to PAPAs birthday party!” said Clara, all in one breath.

We slipped up, one day, by forgetting that I had both of the booster seats in the car, and Mike was at work.  We met in the middle and conspiratorially went out for lunch.  Edible Art Cafe‘s deliciousness was almost enough to prevent me from feeling guilty for days and days.  Almost.  I’m sorry.

Also, twice (!) we gave in and bought potato chips.  Oh the shame and self-loathing.

And lastly, last night I accidentally wandered into the liquor store and I accidentally glanced in the direction of the local wines and I accidentally noticed that for some mysterious reason that particular store was not entirely out of my very favourite (and limited-yearly edition which usually runs out before Christmas) wine.  It accidentally landed in my hand.  I’m not even sorry.

Well, maybe a little.

Here, I’ll distract you with the roommate poster I made way back in my Acadia days (incidentally, Sally, Kelly and I found Ngaio: exactly the stranger we were looking for!):

Saved because...why?

Saved because…why?

So yes, we did slip up on a couple of occasions, but I think you’ll agree that it was mostly a roaring success.  I weaned myself off thinking I “needed” stuff every day.  No one in this family really cared that much, once we adjusted, and no one suffered (contrary to their fretting grandmothers’ expectations – way to join forces, guys). It was not an unhappy month, by any means.

I do think, however, that I will stick to buy-nothing WEEKS henceforward.  One at a time. This was not a bad experience, exactly, but there were times that it really was a bit annoying.

Onward to February, the 4th month of 5 Downing!

Day 92 Scorecard: 460 down, 1,365 to go

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I like your poster. I think we should post a pic of your items each day. The chalkboard list is good…but I think it would make your posts interesting to see a different visual.

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