January 26, 2015

Little Achievements: January 26th, 2015

I’ve written about the necessity of small goals already, but today they were very much on my mind.

I calculated, whilst struggling up an endless hill with nearly-frozen-solid legs, that June will mark 4 years since I took up running (not counting a few months here and there, including the first 2 winters).  That particular hill I’ve run likely more than 100 times.  And it doesn’t get easier. As I run, I make deals with myself, in my head:

“If I make it to that ‘for sale’ sign, I can take a walk break.”

“Okay, made it to the ‘for sale’ sign, I’ll just go until I hit the intersection, then I’ll walk.”

Most of the time, by the time I get to the spot I had promised myself I’d stop at, I’ve passed by the worst of my struggle and I don’t even realize I’ve passed my marker.

I try to psyche myself out, too.  I anticipate that I’ll make it past, and I find myself already making the next goal.  This is a bad idea.  This sucks all the triumph out of making it past the initial goal and my brain doesn’t trust me that I’ll actually take that walk break.

It all sounds very silly, but it is terribly effective.  It keeps me going even when I’m so ready to give up I would give just about anything to flag down a passing car and hop in.

But I don’t.

I find myself struggling with 5 Down some days, too.  The days when the endgame, the overall goal, seems just too overwhelming and too far off.  I’ve tried to rally myself with the thought of “almost to the quarter mark!” but, you know, I’ve been saying that since the beginning of January.  It’s a lot like asking “are we there yet?”


I think I’m just going to focus on smaller goals and little achievements.  I need to celebrate more.  I mean, don’t we all?

The kids were being goofs at supper tonight.  When I mentioned a routine thing that had happened at work, they burst into cheering and applause.  We all had a good laugh before Mike and I had to remind them that food does not eat itself (now you know why they’re all so slender).  It’s not a bad idea, though, to celebrate even the most routine of accomplishments.

So for tonight, I’m going to cheer for myself (and the entire family) that we’ve made it this far, so far.


Day 87 Scorecard: 435 down, 1,390 to go

(today’s chalkboard was a joint venture – Solomon provided #s 4 and 5).

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