February 8, 2015

Important Tip for Saving the World: February 8th, 2015

Tomorrow will be day 100, and (for those of you who, like me, are somewhat lacking in math skills) also 500 things gone.  I can hardly believe this. If we didn’t have two ill kids at the moment, we might even be planning some sort of celebratory bash.  If only we could 5 Down viruses/bacteria…

Gratuitous photo of Max.

Gratuitous photo of Max, 5 Downing me from Photographing him…

In spite of that, today seems almost like a cause for celebration.  See, I finally persuaded Mike it was time to sift through and edit his collection of wires/cords/cables.  These were located in several places:

1. The entire bottom drawer of the infamous filing cabinet;

2. Half of one large tote box;

3. The drawer of the TV stand.

And other bits were scattered throughout the house.  We had a hilarious conversation before he began.  I can’t do the play-by-play for you, but it involved him agreeing that purging was sorely needed, and then defensively listing his various reasons for hoarding such items.  This favourite storage item (not just with Mike, but with pretty much everyone) is probably the number one contender for the title of “Most What-iffed Item” or “We might Need it Item” or “Just in Case Item.”   I wish we could just all agree on one type of cord for everything.  Or, at least, for each category of thing: one cord for phones, with one type of connector thingamabob.*  Wouldn’t that be great?

Until that happens, I think we need to stick with labeling and turfing cords with their devices.  I know that’s radical, but it would make the proliferation of wired cordage somewhat more difficult.

ALSO it will be very helpful when the Robot Overlords begin their inevitable takeover.  The fewer easy conduits for recharging, the better!

Day 99 Scorecard: 495 down, 1,330 to go

*Look, I’m not an electrical engineer.  So sue me.  I can take it, I am a lawyer.

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