March 28th, 2015

Enough?: March 28th, 2015

I feel as though I’m on the cusp of a new stage in de-cluttering.  The way I see it is this: if I told you to RIGHT NOW to choose 5 things from the room you’re sitting in and throw them out, it would not be that difficult (provided you are a regular 1st world consumer person).  If I told you to find 50 things, you would have a much harder time.  If I told you to find 500 things, you’d likely fail.  Somewhere between the 50 and 500 things is probably the perfect balance between and having too much or too little.  It’s called enough.

Too little is when you need to buy something every time you want to embark on a project.  Too little is not keeping scraps when you sew, not getting lots of toilet paper when it’s on super sale, not buying that one-of-a-kind item as a gift for someone when s/he inevitably marries that person even if you don’t know when just yet.

Too much is tripping over crap, hoarding stuff, having duplicates of everything you own because you can’t find the one you know you bought last year and it would take longer to find that than it would to just go buy another one.

Too much is easy to pare down, but knowing when you’re exactly at “enough” is hard.

So the new stage, in the majority of the rooms in our house, will be not getting rid of the excess, but getting rid of the not-really-necessary.  It’s an entirely different concept.

Fortunately, this only really applies to our bedroom, living room, possibly office, and mostly kitchen.  We have 3 children and a storage room.  We’re good to go for a while yet!

Day 149 Scorecard: 745 down, 1080 to go

1. Chips

2. Sugary Latte Drinks: man. I sure wanted a tea latte this morning.  Le sigh.

3. Mini Wheats

4. Popsicles/Fudgesicles

5. Candy:

Exercise: oh, come ON.  I was at a conference all day.  I’m pooped.

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