March 26, 2015

The Arts Can be a Real Jerk: March 26th, 2015

I just had the most brilliant idea.  Since everyone (except for me and other dinosaurs) carries around “smart” phones, I think art galleries, school plays, auctions, and any other event that passes out paper programs should start blasting out virtual programs instead.  Isn’t that what QR codes were supposed to be for? (no, says Wikipedia, but Wikipedia does grudgingly admit that they could be used this way…)

Luddites like me can pay a bit extra for a paper version.

No, it’s not because I worry about the cost of printing, or the environmental impact of using paper, or even the physical toll lugging stacks of paper around can take on a poor run-ragged stage-hand.  I am worried about the accumulation. I am trying to find a way to avoid the inevitable saving that comes with printed programs.

I kept two art gallery programs from 1996 because I had a painting in a show.  Yes, 4 lines of type (about a 2″ square in total) were devoted to moi.  There were about 60 other pieces in the show.  Frankly, I don’t even remember having a painting in the show, so the program is more of an odd artifact than a memento.

(I do remember having my own solo show in a coffee house that subsequently burned down, but that’s a story for another day and I printed up exactly zero programs for said event.)

Thanks for contributing to my clutter, Arts.  Jerks.

Day 147 Scorecard: 735 down, 1090 to go

1. Chips

2. Sugary Latte Drinks

3. Mini Wheats

4. Popsicles/Fudgesicles

5. Candy – I had one chocolate today.  In my defence my client/old friend brought me about 15lbs of chocolates which I have been sharing with all and sundry.  ONE, I had, one. Today.  I also had one yesterday at Solomon’s insistence.  Eep.

Exercise: none today.  I plan to write about this goal…

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