April 1st, 2015

Skeptics’ Day: April 1st, 2015

This is the one day of the year that everyone thinks like me*.  Exhausting, isn’t it?  I’m glad it’s over for another year, and only Sandy got me this year.

Our darling daughter is, sadly, the greatest pack rat of us all.  Adding insult to injury is that we do not have adequate toy storage, or places for her to organize her office supplies.  A girl’s gotta have office supplies, after all.

I should note that my mother exclaimed that we should “give her some credit!” for being as organized as she is, considering how few options she has for storage.  Clara pricked her ears up and said “Credit?  Like a credit card?”

Ever hopeful.

In any case, as part of her birthday present this year, my parents bought Clara some organizational stuff for her desk and a white board with magnets.  She is delighted:

Office supplies are AWESOME, but "I dont have any black pants so I cant be a lawyer!"

Office supplies are AWESOME, but “I don’t have any black pants so I can’t be a lawyer!”

After the installation, I found this:

Stealth contribution.

Stealth contribution by Grandpa.  See if you can spot it in the feature shot…

He did pause to inquire as to what made the My Little Pony so “creepy.”**


Something about the eyes…

It will haunt your dreams.

It will haunt your dreams.

I can’t say I disagree with her.

But moving along, for day 1 of sleep month, I made sure I had no caffeine (after 4:30) and I’m clocking off the computer before 9:30…10:30 will be here soon.  Yoga class was long ago (lunch time) even if I am still feeling the effects of ten million planks.

I should note that I read some totally different sleep advice today that suggested I start with my usual “fall asleep” time and stay up that late for one week (rather than lie in bed for hours until I fall asleep).  For example, if it takes me until 1:30 to fall asleep, I should go to bed at 1:30 rather than 10:30.  Then, each week, I should go to bed 15 minutes earlier until I have a decent chunk of sleep time.  I would not be opposed to this, but I haven’t had a ‘set’ bedtime in so long I can’t really say that X is my usual falling asleep time. We’re sticking to our planned bedtime of 10:30.

Sweet dreams.

Day 152 scorecard: 760 down, 1065 to go



* always wondering what your source of information is, what you’re basing your belief on, whether you are credible…etc…

** direct quotation from Clara “this one is SO creepy, it’s SUPER creepy, I don’t even think it’s a real My Little Pony, look at its EYES!!!”

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