April 27

The Month of Sleep in Review: April 27th, 2015

My long-suffering and ever-loving husband was kind enough to source, chalk, and photograph the items for 5Down tonight.  See, I read research as soon as I got home from work, then I went running, hopped into the shower, and then book club.  A gal can’t do everything.

You will note it is past my lights-out time. I really did so want for this whole sleep month to work out well and in some ways it has.  We’ve more or less committed to the bed-time, and I feel like it’s healthy to have it there as a guideline.  The other fantastic benefit (don’t laugh) is that I never have to re-set the alarm clock.  This has been a massive stress reduction for me.  I never worry I’ve set the wrong time, or I’ve forgotten to set it at all: I know it’s right.

I have not had the greatest success kicking my lifelong insomnia, but I’m not going to say this has been a waste of time.  I think both of us have benefited from the routine it has imposed on us, and it’s a great thing to keep in mind to prevent other bad habit-formation.  One of the “rules” is no heavy foods in the evening, another is no coffee after 4pm.  These are good habits, no matter what effect they have on our sleep.

There was that one night (the night-before-last), however, that I just could not stop reading.  I blame Lionel Shriver because she is a genius.  Book club introduced me to her writing and I just can’t get enough.   Maybe you will understand what a fantastic writer she is when I tell you that the book I read was about professional tennis players: something I have absolutely no interest in whatsoever.  The moral of (this) story is, then, Lionel Shriver promotes poor sleep hygiene.

Day 178 scorecard: 890 down, 935 to go


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