Bike Joy: May 26, 2015

You will all be happy to know that because it is late and I am very tired, when I realized I’d written IN CHALK the date as May 26th, and I realized my mistake after I uploaded the picture, and I volunteered Mike to go downstairs and fix it and photograph it, he said “okay.”

And he went.

I am overcome with joy.

I am also very tired because I rode my new bike to work for the first time this year.  Well, I’m tired because then in the evening we ran in the first truly hot day of the year.

Sometimes two forces collide (I’m getting to the new bike, trust me) and leave me spinning.  What do you do when you start biking to work for good 5Down reasons, but then your bike keeps breaking, but it seems crazy to save money on driving only to spend money on a new bike… ? You put off the decision for a stupid long time, of course.

The snow has been gone for at least 2 weeks now.  I could have biked to work most of those 2 weeks.  Instead, we put off getting something new.  Trying not to be a consumer is hard!  And sometimes a problem of a different sort.

I think the lesson we’ve all learned here is that there is a direct relationship between how pretty your new bike is and how much you had to suffer for it.

Day 208 scorecard: 1040 down, 785 to go


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