May 30, 2015

Divestments: May 30th, 2015

We had dinner guests (and other out-of-town guests!) here today.  Before their arrival, my kids had found some 5Down items. Because one “man’s” trash is another “man’s” treasure, my dinner guest Ashton* had stars in his eyes when he spotted the slap bracelet Clara had divested herself of earlier. She felt terribly magnanimous when he asked if he could have it and she was able to agree with gusto.  She’d already said goodbye to it so parting was much sweeter sorrow when she got to feel generous in the letting go.

It’s all about spreading the joy, here.

Today was a little melancholy, though, as one family of friends popped in to see us who had moved 2.5 hours away about 8 years ago.  And the dinner-guest friends are about to move far farther away (Labrador).  5Downing friends is not really a favourite hobby around these parts, particularly when they’re top-quality folk with lovely kiddos.

Day 211 scorecard: 1055 down, 770 to go

* I was granted his permission to use his real name here.

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