May 26, 2015

Post-Packing Party: May 26, 2015

I’m sure it has been more than 3 weeks, but I’m too lazy to search back to figure it out.  This evening, we made the big decision for Max to empty his remaining boxes (the clothes ones we dealt with last week) and for Solomon to start packing up his room.

“Wait,” said Max, “I think I’ll clean my room first before I bring stuff back in.”

Well, okay.

Max says that about 3/4 of his boxes were filled with books and the rest was just “little things.”  So he only found 2 things to dispose of (in addition to things he’s fished out on other days to 5Down).  He decided to keep all of his decorations except this one:

Lounge lizard? Alien on dance floor? Old man with green body paint? In any case, he is slowly crumbling.

Lounge lizard? Alien on a dance floor? Old man with green body paint? In any case, he is slowly crumbling.*

He also came to the realization that it really wasn’t necessary to hang onto Mike’s expired passport.

Max learned lots of stuff from this close examination of stuff.  Like, that his stuff is stuff and his room looks “cool” without all his stuff.  And his stuff is interesting.

I’m too tired to compel him to be articulate tonight.

I found it interesting that this project made him confront why he kept things.  He is big on shoving stuff into corners, and this project prevented him from copping out.

He also said that he enjoyed the unpacking part and being able to redecorate his room.

Day 207 scorecard: 1035 down, 790 to go

* News flash.  I had this conversation with Max after I’d captioned the photo above:

Me: “Hey Max, what is this guy supposed to be?”

Max: “Alien on a dance floor.”

He is my son…


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