June 1, 2015

Believe It Or Not: June 1, 2015

June first is a day that should not be spent contemplating whether to turn the heat on or not.  Especially when the “or not” part comes courtesy of, and only of, sheer stubbornness.

Mike agreed to write the list after I rooted through his boxes of old stuff and took everything but the old photos out.  The volume of photos the two of us have, together, is absolutely obscene.  Remember when it was cheaper to get “doubles” than to get one set and decide to get individual photos later? That was back when you couldn’t look down at the wee screen and see it was a terrible shot.  No, you had to go ahead and get two copies of your eyes crossed and your head twisted at that unnatural angle.

And his little dictaphone tape recorders with all those bitty tapes?  Quaint, maybe even valuable to someone, but what a waste of plastic now.  I can’t imagine gathering around to listen to a tiny tinny speech issuing forth from a mini-speaker. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: the past was just so darn physical!  So cluttery!

Some things have improved over time.  The weather? This year? Not so much.  In fact, it’s so blah and cold and rainy that we made a collective decision to postpone running group.  Sure, it might have been an okay day to run if this happened to be December the 1st, but on June the 1st, I don’t want to wonder if 2 layers are enough…

Day 213 scorecard: 1065 down, 760 to go


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