June 26, 2015

Knot-Tying: June 26, 2015

Equal right to marry, regardless of sexual orientation, is now the law in the US (as everyone in the world now knows).  Solomon, for whom it has “always” been the law (living, as we do, in Canada, where the Supreme Court decided it was a question of equality for all a few months before Solomon was born in 2005), made sort of a pained face at the news and made some remark along the lines of why was it ever not the law?.

I think it is awesome to witness how quickly cultural norms can shift once a debate is just ruled out.

No more “should it be” legal.  Now it just is a thing.  Do you?  I do! Me, too.


The truth is, nothing changed for anyone in Canada except for the people for whom it changed everything when our highest court decided equality means equality. Maybe a few wedding places got a little busier, maybe the photographers got booked up a little earlier, maybe your baker could only accommodate your special request the week after you wanted because that sweet couple down the street was finally able to officially tie the knot.  The world did not end here in Canada when we decided to stop being jerks and let any consenting adult agree to sign contracts about love and commitment with each other.

So, congratulations, USA, for 5Downing all the stupid impediments to marriage for all.  It’s a great day for human rights.

Day 238 scorecard: 1190 down, 645 to go

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