June 25, 2015

Moves: June 25, 2015

We helped our friends move this afternoon: to a new house in the same neighbourhood.  This was an entirely happy event.

We also accepted a new family member into our home (a gecko named Sticky) for other friends who are moving far away.  This was not an entirely happy event.  Max is happy, that is, to have Sticky.  And our friends are happy about this next chapter in their lives…but it’s not so happy for us to say goodbye.

Moving really brings us face to face with the things we hang onto.  It’s no wonder that people who move a lot rarely have lots of possessions.  It seems like more trouble than it’s worth, sometimes, to move that particular object.

But as much as moving means letting things go and whittling down possessions to the stuff we actually need and want, it also means gains.  It means a decision has been made to re-prioritize values and make a change, for whatever reason.  For one friend, (among other things) it means making her children blissfully happy.  For another(among other things), it means certainty and advancement.  It can mean a lot of things.

Day 237 scorecard: 1185 down, 650 to go

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