June 24, 2015

Perspective: June 24, 2015

This has been a good week in family law*.  I didn’t win any cases this week (I had no hearings) but I got to give two people good news.  In one case it was entirely unexpected, brought her to tears, and gave me goosebumps. In the other case, it was expected but we hardly dared to believe it.  My client was almost unable to grasp how well things had turned out.

I’m savouring it because it’s rare.  It’s a field of hard work with a lot of tears and much frustration.  It’s dealing with people when they’re facing some of the toughest things they’ll ever go through.  It’s always about trying to manage loss and mitigate harm.  And it frequently involves children who just wish everyone would get along.

So I’m enjoying the triumphs this week.  I’m not making the news, or setting legal precedents.  My clients are still facing troubles and heartache, but things are sunnier for them and I helped make their lives better.  That is a great feeling.

And it is a great reminder that the things I ‘lose’ from my life, and this house, are voluntary.  Which also means I’m mostly just really freaking lucky.

Day 236 scorecard: 1180 down, 655 to go

* Well, for my clients and me, at least.  I can’t pretend to speak for the world of family law in any grander sense than that.

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