June 29, 2015

The Cookbook Edition: June 29, 2015

Because Mike is a kitchen god, we were able to pare down our cookbook selection even more tonight.

And, to be fair, the Internet giveth out recipes like there is no tomorrow.  PLUS, all the Internet people give opinions about those recipes and that is very helpful.  I am very much enamored of using the Internet for cooking/baking suggestions although I have a few observations (based on the rare occasions that I dabble in food preparation):

1. Cake mix is not an ingredient, people.  It’s not.

2. Nothing that was previously in a can ever tastes as good as the non-canned equivalent.  Especially when it is soup.  Soup should never appear in cans. Beans can survive canning, but they’re better dried, soaked, and cooked.

3. Just because you thought the recipe needed more salt does not mean everyone will think it needs more salts.  Opinions are not facts.

4. Great photographs of food do not necessarily mean the food will taste better, but it’s like the placebo effect: if your food looks gorgeous enough, I will believe it is gorgeous-tasting, so take good photos and I will follow your recipe.

5. Just because your grandmother used to make it does not mean your grandmother invented it.  Your grandmother had the same cookbook as my grandmother.

That is all.  Good bye, extraneous cookbooks.

Day 241 scorecard: 1205 down, 630 to go

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