July 25, 2015

Fun With Fruit, etc: July 25, 2015

The kids have finally taken on the task of cleaning out their rooms and they are astonished at the sheer amount of ‘stuff’ they’re finding.  Solomon, in particular, lost his double bed today (5 Downed a week ago, actually moved out today) and found a stratum of stuff.  The underside of beds seems to be akin to black holes.

But more importantly, today I put the cherries to use.  I noted that my package of Certo* contained a recipe for Sour Cherry Freezer Jam as well as the standard cooked variety.  Never one to shy from any kind of taste test (unless it involves mystery meat) I immediately decided I needed to make both. Freezer jam is foolishly easy to make; there is almost no way to screw it up.

Cooked jam, on the other hand, is rather mad-scientisty.  It requires equipment, boiling points, and bubbling baths of sterilizing jars.  The kids think I’m cuckoo when I chant “don’t touch the jars, don’t touch the jars!” once they’re filled and sitting on the counter, but I’m not crazy.  Mike also thought I was being paranoid and took a jar, the first year I made jam, to a friend’s house.  Of course that jar did not set at all and the rest was perfect.  He doesn’t touch them anymore.

Cooked jam is really satisfying to create because it’s become something of a lost art.  It’s literally filled with the fruits of your labour and, if all goes well, it’s as fresh and vibrant as the day you bottled it.  Of course, if it goes wrong you can kill your audience, but I’m extremely careful.

Ironically enough, as I typed that last sentence, I knocked a glass of water over my (home) computer.

In any case, the great jam experiment of 2015 will come to fruition (so great) tomorrow and I will let you know how everyone voted.  I might even go pick some more cherries to make more of the #1 pick.

Who will win?  The suspense is killing me.

Who will win? The suspense is killing me.

Day 267 scorecard: 1335 down, 510 to go

* I don’t care if you’re a purist, Certo is made from apple peels and stuff anyway and I don’t care to spend hours cooking fruit down, so I am NOT a Certo hater.

Max is heroically using up the rest of the cherries in a cherry pie.  I can't say it's not motivated by self-interest, but I know he'll share so it's all good.

Max is heroically using up the rest of the cherries in a cherry pie. I can’t say it’s not motivated by self-interest, but he’ll share so it’s all good.

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