July 27, 2015

Handling: July 27, 2015

Being a temporary single parent is the pits.  It’s even worse when the kid who can babysit is away at camp.

Fortunately, the kids are being great and understand Mike is coming back from Utah soon, even if they’re unclear where Utah actually is.


I am continuing to wade through the KonMari book, in spite of an overwhelming urge to roll my eyes and turf the book.  I have decided that I will instruct myself to make allowances for cultural differences.  I’m going to assume that everyone in Japan believes that inanimate objects need our gratitude and appreciation and that storage containers with labels make one’s home noisy and disruptive.  This will make it all a bit easier to swallow.

It can’t possibly be that she’s just a little off her nut.

With that caveat in mind, I do have to say I’m beginning to warm to the idea of handling everything before deciding whether to keep it.  To me, this just means making oneself aware of all of one’s possessions.  It’s hard to ignore the sheer volume of ‘stuff’ if it’s all passed through your hands and been considered.

Tonight, though, I’m just grateful that my kids did the handling over the weekend, and I have a surplus of 5Down stuff at the moment.  Three cheers for planning ahead!

Day 269 scorecard: 1345 down, 500 to go

****UPDATE: the taste test of cherry jam (as sampled by Mike, Solomon, Clara, and me) made us all conclude that the cooked jam is superior to the freezer jam which tastes, predominantly of sugar.****

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