July 31, 2015

We ARE Animals: July 31, 2015

Somehow Max came home from a week at camp about a year older than when he left.

I may not let him go again; this is all too much for me.

Tomorrow, Mike and I are leaving for a brief getaway that includes me fulfilling one of my bucket-list dreams.  We’re going to participate in the Not Since Moses run.  I am very, very excited about this, but I hate being away from home (gosh, I wonder where Solomon gets it from) so I’m entirely unprepared to leave.

I have, however, found and disposed of 15 items this evening (I’m getting so good at this) so that the blog will not suffer in my absence.  Of course the computers come with us.  We’re not animals.

Day 273 scorecard: 1365 down, 480 to go

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