August 28, 2015

5Downed!?! August 28, 2015

So my running buddy (who also doubles as a swimming buddy, yoga buddy, lunch buddy, and regular ole friend) was here tonight and she reacted with complete incredulity when I was writing the chalkboard list and mused “huh, I’m not going to know what to do with myself in November.”

“What!?” she said.

“Oh,” said I, “I started November first last year, so it’s going to end at the end of October.”

“You’re just going to stop?!?” she said, “but you can’t just stop!”

Apparently there are people who will miss my blathering on about purging the crap out of my life.  I guess I should have been clearer that 5Down will be 5Downed at the end of October, as well.

It’s been a great habit to get into, but I don’t think I’ll pine for the frenzied search through the house each night.  Also, it’s getting harder.  I showed Running Buddy my empty totes in the storage room that I discovered whilst seeking goodies to turf a few days ago.  All good things usually end (particularly if the stuff going out exceeds the stuff coming in).

What will I do in November?

Day 301 scorecard: 1505 down, 320 to go

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