August 23, 2015

All the Sacrificing: August 23, 2015

I am embodying minimalism in a hotel room.  If you can say that when I arrived with one suitcase, a lap top, a briefcase, 2 grocery bags, and my purse.

To be fair, I’m here (in Cape Breton) for work, and I needed all that stuff.  Well, most of it.

It’s amazing when all the distractions are eliminated.  I eliminated everything including the guilt I feel when I shut myself off to do work when I could/should be doing something else.  Tonight, it’s just me in a hotel room, with my computer, and I worked like a maniac.  A happy maniac, but a maniac nonetheless.

Mike and Solomon, who are pining away at home, got 5Down together for me.  Clara and Max are at sleepovers.

Solomon, pictured, pining away.

Solomon, pictured here, pining away.  I’m processing my crushing guilt.

Day 296 scorecard: 1480 down, 345 to go


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