August 19, 2015

Gobbling: August 19, 2015

Mike was good enough to help out tonight, so thank you Mike.

I’ve been thinking about accumulation and how silly humans are.  There seems to be something innate that prevents us from being satisfied.  This can be a wonderful attribute, letting us accomplish more all the time, but it’s also our downfall.  We consume and consume and consume.

People often talk about how children are unspoiled and how, left to their own devices, children would make good choices.  This is frequently said regarding food.  I don’t believe it.

When I was a little kid we had a potluck (as we often did, and often do).  There were hard boiled eggs and I had one and loved it.  My mother was always pretty attentive, but I can distinctly remember her saying I could eat as many as I wanted that evening.  In retrospect, I was probably driving her bananas and she probably said it to get me to leave her alone.

Well, I did eat as many as I wanted.  It turns out I wanted many, many hard boiled eggs.  I don’t remember how many, but it was a lot.

My greedy brain and my unimpressed digestive system battled it out and the digestive system ultimately won.  I was very, very ill.  To this day I cannot abide hard boiled eggs.

The thing is: I’m not unique.  Almost everyone I know has “overdone” it with some kind of food.  Many people do it frequently.  It’s incredible, when I stop and think about it.

I think the same applies with stuff.  We gobble and gobble and gobble up everything around us until we make our homes uncomfortable and cluttered. And we’re making our planet sick to its stomach.


Don’t think I think I’m any better than anyone else.  I want stuff all the time.  But I’m trying my best to resist whenever I can.

Day 292 scorecard: 1460 down, 365 to go

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