August 24, 2015

It is Written: August 24, 2015

So one of the things that happens in Court (when you’re having a Settlement Conference, which is off the record) is that the Judge (or one of the lawyers) ends the day by droning on reading what the parties have agreed to into the record.  Today, while the other side’s lawyer rambled ad nauseum carefully outlined our agreement, my client (who was sitting beside me) hand wrote me a note (in cursive, no less, with an honest-to-goodness pen).  I mention this because it is effusive and I’m full of myself and is, therefore, likely something I would have hung onto in the past.

(Also I wanted to write a really long sentence with lots of interjections.)

Over the past many months, I have found countless overly praising notes from former students. I like to imagine it’s because I’m just that awesome, but I know it’s because my students or clients are just overcome in a moment.  And that is exactly why those notes are worth reading, in that moment, and even showing them off…for a brief period of time…but it’s not terribly useful to hang onto such things.

They represent moments in time and usually little else.   They are from students to teachers, clients to lawyers. Not from someone with whom I have a personal relationship and who sees me as me and not as someone who is fulfilling a particular role at that point in their lives.

To be fair, I’ve also unearthed hateful notes I’ve gotten, including various creative interpretations of my last name, and it’s harder to remember that those, too, signify little more than a moment in time in which we both were embodying roles.

It’s not about me.

I’m going to treat today’s note as the ephemera it is.  But first I’m going to show everyone I can think of just so they can bask in my reflected glory for a couple of seconds.

You’re welcome.

Day 297 scorecard: 1485 down, 340 to go

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