August 1, 2015

On the Road: August 1, 2015

So here we are: with no kids, hanging out in a town that more than doubles when all the runners descend to participate in its race.  It’s a weird feeling, because everyone knows that is why you’re here, but everyone stares anyway, because it’s just not that usual to have lots of tourists here.

It was a very exciting drive here.  We drove and drove and drove and ended up close enough to home that Mike’s phone suggested a restaurant in the town next to ours (Hall’s Harbour Lobster pound).  If you look at a map of Nova Scotia, you will understand what I mean, but just imagine that the land is a backward C.  We’re near the period, and Parrsboro is on the tip of the C.  So we drove a huge circle, but if we’d had a ferry it would have taken 20 minutes.

The race-kit pick-up was in the little town before this one and the fun feature (for us) was pulling out from the pick-up spot only to hear a bizarre sound.  Mike quickly realized that we must have a flat tire.  So we two got to learn how to change a tire for the first time!  What fun!  Luckily it was scorching hot.  But we feel accomplished now.

We are now ensconced in our B & B which is extremely lovely.  Mike has discovered that the television has cable which is something we 5Downed ages ago.  This makes for a great deal of novelty and it has (thus far) prevented him from making it to the whirlpool tub.  I just heard him say “WOW, commercials!” like he’d just uncovered a fossil or something.

And tomorrow is one of my bucket list items: running a race on the ocean floor.  Already I’m happy because the t-shirt has the best design ever.  I will share photos tomorrow.  Not Since Moses in the morning!

Day 274 scorecard: 1370 down, 475 to go

* the list was previously recorded.

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