August 22, 2014

Overthinking/Underthinking: August 22, 2015

I am going to share with you the most frustrating part of legal research.  It’s the part where something is so obvious that no one bothers to comment on it.  Of course, “no one” is exactly the kind of absolutist statement that Judges hate so much.  It’s also like waving a red flag in front of me.  “By gum,” I think “if it exists, I will find it.”

And many wasted hours roll by whilst I hunt for that perfect, juicy tidbit.

It is also reminiscent of the conversations I often have when Clara finds 5Down things.  As much as she clings to every scrap of paper, every form of packaging, and every worn out/stained/broken toy that comes into contact with her little fingers, she is equally discerning when it comes to what she’d like to 5Down.

Example: this evening she marches upstairs, simultaneously happy to turf out a doll (which would, without a doubt, provoke tears tomorrow) and devastated (in actual tears) that Solomon wants to eliminate a goofy gag toy from a couple of years ago and which she has neither laid eyes on nor played with in many, many months.

But back to the doll.

Me, “Clara, do you really want to get rid of that doll?”

Clara, “Oh yes!” [enthusiastically]

Me, “Why?  Didn’t you just get it?”

Clara, “Oh, it was a long time ago, like [fading] um, maybe last year? And her hair is full of garbage [more fading] and knots…actually…[looking totally lost at this point] maybe just a few knots…”

Me, “Clara, you don’t need to get rid of a dolly you still love!”

Clara, “Okay!!!” [skips happily off downstairs in search of something she’s actually tired of.]*

We’re here all night, folks.

I guess the moral of the story is that wasting too much time searching for the perfect thing is, actually, a waste of time…but choosing something too quickly can have an equally bad (or even worse) outcome.  As with many things in life, the key is learning the concept of ENOUGH.


Solomon, demonstrating his carefully sought and violently destroyed 5Down object.  Goofball!

Solomon, demonstrating his carefully sought and violently destroyed 5Down object. Goofball! “I punched it until I made a hole, and then I shoved my head through!”


But I still really want that one perfect snapper.  Surely it’s out there?

Day 295 scorecard: 1475 down, 350 to go

* for the record, she found an “inappropriate comic book.”  It really was, too.  Mike took the kids out to ‘free comic book day’ last year and Clara was given some “girl friendly” comic books that were wildly inappropriate.  I confiscated them (Mike hadn’t flipped through them, apparently) and put them on a shelf…because I couldn’t have just thrown them out then, apparently.  Great find, Clara.

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