August 27, 2015

People Value: August 27, 2015

I’m thinking about value tonight.   In a general sort of way, value is what we think something is worth.  I’ve written, before, about how we shift our sense of value depending on a lot of things: maybe the item we’re considering is one of a kind, maybe it’s handmade, maybe it is from a coveted brand, maybe we found it at the side of the road.  Either way, one item can demand wildly different prices.

Quite apart from the question of “things” is the value we place on people.

How does this happen?  Sometimes I wonder whether we step back to think about how we decided how much respect a person deserves.  It’s easy enough to point out how we go crazy with prices and where the gap can be between the inherent value and the “actual” value (think of the same house located in the middle of nowhere versus, say, downtown Toronto) but it can be a whole lot harder to figure out where we went wrong valuing people.

Sometimes it is the ‘stuff’ that we see on folk: the clothes they wear, the body modifications they may have made, their makeup and hair.  Sometimes we come to conclusions about the person we’re looking at when that person is wearing a suit which would likely be extremely different if we saw that same person on the weekend in tattered jeans and messy hair.

What is harder to see is the value someone has when we’ve made assumptions about their abilities or tolerance.  It’s hard to see how assumptions about someone’s “rank” are just that: rank. How often have people been driven away by something as small, but as vast, as a lack of respect.

5Down is about clearing out physical and psychological clutter.  Sometimes it’s hard to separate the two things.  Sometimes it’s hard even to recognize when psychological clutter is present.

Food for thought.

Day 300 scorecard: 1500 down, 325 to go

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