August 21, 2015

Running Buddy Joy: August 21, 2015

High standards are a terrible thing.  Seriously.  I always want to be perfect at my job, at my marriage, at my parenting, and at my exercise.  My running buddy, whom I last wrote about when it seemed she was sidelined for the season, is back in action and better than ever*.  See, while I despondently dropped down to the bare minimum, she put herself through the paces: swimming, weight-lifting, and just generally “having at” life. Now she’s back and better than ever.  And me, well, I’m just a sad sack of whiny slowness.

So, I’ve promised I’ll join her swimming tomorrow.  I mean, how can I argue with the proof?  I might have high standards for myself, but when I come up against someone with even higher standards, I either go in or go home, right?

At least it will be actual swimming, unlike our run tonight which was virtual swimming.  I’ve done my best to not whine about the incredible heat and humidity we’ve had these past couple of weeks, but I’m telling you I was awash after tonight’s run.  My eyes were burning so fiercely I couldn’t keep them open.  What kind of stupid climate is this, anyway?

Tomorrow, early in the morning, I’ll be 5Downing my hang-ups AND my excuses.  To the pool!!!

Day 294 scorecard: 1470 down, 355 to go

* it’s also been hard to run whilst chortling with glee that she’s back!!!

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