September 24, 2015

PAINt: September 24, 2015

If we ever actually get around to listing this house and if anyone ever actually buys it…I’m going to be a little sad if they paint over the wall I just (hopefully) finished.  “Do an accent wall” my sister said “it’ll be nice, and not too much work” she said.

Why I needed 3 coats I’ll never know.  Possibly Mike bought too-cheap paint.  It looks pretty great now, though, and it’s only taken up a couple of hours 3 evenings this week.

It’s a curious thing, time.  I spend far too much of it obsessively reading.  Before there was the Internet and before I lived close to places where I can shop, there used to be a time I ran out of reading material.  I remember, too, being in South Korea and being compelled to read Thomas Hardy.  The horror.  But now, there are no natural limits to my ability to read, ready, read online and off.

There is actually a point of diminishing returns and it’s inextricably bound up with how I ‘spend’ my time.

Sometimes, though, I ponder what time-consuming things I’d pay someone else to do if I had too much money.  House-cleaning is #1, but painting is a close second (although far less time in the long run).  I enjoy it about as much as, well, watching paint dry.  I’m also going to pretend that the 3 evenings of painting is what is killing my chest muscles and triceps, and not yesterday’s foray into Yoga.

That’s all I’ve got for today, folks, I’m not a machine.

Day 328 scorecard: 1640 down, 185 to go

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