October 10, 2015

Confirmation Bias: October 10, 2015

Tonight I’m feeling this warm sense of belonging as many of my friends are posting about their pre-run preparations.  Tomorrow is the Valley Harvest Marathon, an event I just love.   I caught myself thinking “gosh, I know SO many runners,” until I clued in that it’s not that everyone I knew took up running (that has happened for many) but that I’ve met so many friends running.  My running buddy, for example, is an integral part of my life now (my daughter is with her, as I write this, hanging out with her daughter).

Since this blog is really closing in on the home stretch, I want to take this opportunity to (again) talk about how amazing running is.  And to tie it in with the whole de-cluttering theme: can you think of a sport that requires less gear?  I mean, seriously!

For most of the year, all I need is a pair of sneakers and a heavy-duty sports bra (and clothing, but you knew that!).  No special surfaces, no specialized gear, no locations I need to pay to enter, no protective measures.  Open the door, and out I go.

It’s so social.  Once the basics are covered (the ability to run for longer than a few minutes) there is lots of time to chat and catch up with your running friends.  And for those of us who find eye contact slightly disconcerting, it’s perfect.  Side-by-side communication is socially acceptable whilst running. It’s an introvert’s dream.  Almost as good as being behind a keyboard.

It’s so amazing for the brain.  Sometimes my run suffers because I am so wound up from something-that-happened-at-work, I start out at a break-neck pace and end up dying on the last couple ‘o’ k’s.  That said, all the pent up energy goes straight into the ground, crushed under my feet.

It is also the sport of the masses.  There are folk who kill themselves running for particular goals or events.  There are folk who run for fun.  Folk run for medals, for prizes, for destinations.  I run for lots of reasons, including how great it makes me feel and how it lets me stay within normal weight range whilst not being terrible responsible about my eating habits.*  Anyone who is able to walk is able to run and anyone who runs can find someone who has the same goals.   It’s one-size-fits-all

So that’s the ode to running.  I hope I see you tomorrow at the Harvest.  I’m in the 10k and I’m in it for the joy of it all.

Day 344 scorecard: 1720 down, 105 to go

* this blog helped me quit chips for good.  Fuzzy Peach Slices, on the other hand, are still my not-so-secret vice.  So fuzzy and peachy and slightly sour sweet.

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