October 5, 2015

Feel Ashamed and FIX This (please): October 5, 2015

Balance is the focus of this month.  Interestingly, part of the process (reading with Clara daily) got missed for 2 days…so we actually made up for it tonight and it really was not too painful (except for the part where I ran out of time for things I have to do for tomorrow morning work).  She read two long books to me (happily) and it took 60 minutes.  She’s really getting it.  I’m really happy.  I didn’t even crawl out of my skin (too much).  It was all rather calm and involved books I’ve never read before.

So there is that.

In other news, the most unbalanced problem these days is our federal politics in this country.  One of the more amazing developments that’s been happening this election time is protest songs.  Not just by embittered scientists who’ve been muzzled, or the grand-daddies of alt/country music in Canada, but even a bi-coastal collaboration that is my new favourite song.

I guess this is the second thing I’d like to (ever) thank Harper for: the first is that he actually did make an effort to move from 100% Anglophone to having a reasonably proficient grasp of French (I could not debate in French).  The second is this ridiculously long election period which is the longest in Canadian history.  Why?  Well, because it’s given the Arts community enough time to truly bring their A-game.  So thanks for that.

Here is a list of wacky things that have happened since H has stood for Hell-in-Canada, Harperland:

  1. Parliament votes against having confidence in Harper.  He goes rogue prorogues Parliament.  You know, it’s like when you can’t stop aruging with your partner so you have a “cooling off” period.  FOUR times.  That’s a bad marriage.  Call it off already.
  2. Harper decides we don’t really need to worry about keeping our waterways “protected”.  What is that?  Protected?  That doesn’t sound like dollar signs to me – get rid of it!  He even ignored pleas from St. David Suzuki!
  3. Harper thinks judges are idiots.  Hell, the LAW is idiocy.  Why not publicly scrap with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada?  Why not try to ram through laws that curtail civil liberties, introduce arbitrary mandatory minimums for even first-time small-time criminal offenders?  How about giant Omnibus Bills that zip through Parliament, opposition silenced, so they can be crammed into the law books…sure, much will get tossed out by the Courts, but that’ll take time and in the interim it’s like the wild, wild west.
  4. Harper thinks an epidemic of missing and murdered Aboriginal women is not a concern.  Just, like, don’t worry about it.  They’re not really old stock Canadians, anyway (if not them, who the actual hell is?!?).
  5. And who needs money for science?  Who needs scientists?  Who needs FACTS?  Harper just says “I can choose whether to appoint Senators” and it goes?  There is that pesky constitution that actually says he SHALL appoint Senators! (well, the Governor General, but let’s not get too caught in the weeds here, amirite?)
  6. Rights and Freedoms, my a$$!  Harper and his cronies have burned through countless dollars (countless only because it’s not over yet, but it’s in the millions, friends) to try to prevent a child soldier, who was left to rot in Guantanamo Bay, from returning home, let alone having access to a fair trial.

Yeah, it’s weird to stop a list at 6, but my blood pressure is starting to rocket up and this month was supposed to be about BALANCE.  Balance like when an entire country agrees that it doesn’t want to be subject to a pseudo-King’s whims.

It needs to end, people.  WE need to end it.  I don’t care whether you’ve voted Conservative since the dawn of humanity.  Now is the time to pinch your nose and check off another box.  Check off the box of the most-likely-to-win OTHER guy (or gal).  Just do it.

Think about withdrawing from the Kyoto Accord.

Think about skipping out on the UN (again and again and again) to concentrate on your own lil election.

Think about not giving an actual *&&$ about a dead 3 year old on a beach, who has come to symbolize an incredible failing to all of humanity, spear-headed by our new image as the coldest, harshest, least-welcoming smugly safe fracked-up mess of a so-called free country in the whole world.

Thing about these lyrics:

“when i was a child, i sang the anthem with pride
it stood for justice, peace, and human rights
it stood for the holy rolling hills and a home for all walks of life
and it must again, for my children, and theirs.” – From ‘Land you Love’

feel ashamed.*

Day 339 scorecard: 1695 down, 130 to go

* VOTE (in spite of the UNfair Elections Act)

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