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Fin: October 31, 2015

And just like that…we’re done.  We are lighter by 1825 things and official tired of plugging away at our clutter.  I thought I’d finish by answering some questions I’ve been asked throughout this process, and some that I would have asked if I knew someone else who was doing this:

Q: What was the hardest part?

A: Well, that was the daily aspect of it.  It’s not hard to purge in a big rush.  It’s also not hard to purge every so often.  But to keep grinding out a particular goal every day, that’s hard.

Q: What surprised you?

A: How many people who unofficially joined in and followed along.  Vicki, for example, was a dedicated fan from day 1, and she and her husband joined in on purging.  How cool is that?  On a smaller note, I was frequently surprised that I could visit the same spot several days in a row and suddenly notice something I could get rid of.  Other places I would not even think to look: I hadn’t looked in Max’s closet until 2 days ago.

Q: Are you going to miss doing this?

A: Yes and no.  I’m going to miss the pressure and I’m not going to miss the pressure.  Several times this week I’ve caught myself thinking about how item “x” my eyes landed on might be a good starting point for a re-arrangement style purge (like how we got rid of our bedroom furniture and pared down to a more manageable arrangement).  It’s weird to think we’re “off the hook.”  I am not going to miss purging, though, because I plan to keep the same attitude, as much as possible.

Q: So is your house perfect and echo-y empty now?

A: Not at all.  In fact, it’s still messy and disorganized.  It could use a good scouring.  But that’s been the thing about the dailiness of it: I’ve taken stuff off shelves and out of boxes, but I’ve never gone back in to reorganize in any meaningful way.  Throughout our house there are 3/4 empty shelves. Once I do get off my duff, it’ll be lovely.  I have no plans for writing a daily clean-up blog, though, that stuff is dead boring.

Q: But what about ME (ie: reader), what am I supposed to read?

A: Well, wait a month and I’m going to start another project, but there are lots of other great blogs out there, like Mr. Money Mustache (who was the original inspiration for this project).  Also, please check back here (or on Facebook) in the coming days and weeks and eventually I’ll get a survey together.  Not that that will provide much in the way of reading material, but it’s all I’ve got for now.

So thank you, fellow fivers, for joining in the five fun.  It’s been a slice and it’s been a wonderful journey to think about the stuff that clogs up our homes, our minds, and our lives.  Here’s to 5Downing!

Day 365 scorecard: 1825 down, 0 to go

Here is the final list (with one line written by each member of the 5Down household:

October 31, 2015 THE END

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    • fivedown says:

      That is very exciting! The benefits do become obvious and buy-in from the family makes a massive difference, it’s for sure. Best of luck!

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