October 25, 2015

Imaginary Multiplication: October 25, 2015

In a feat I considered amazing, Clara informed me that we have 30 more things to go.  I was amazed until she demonstrated that, really, she was just counting by 5s.  I did take the opportunity to show her how she was really actually learning how to multiply, but I wasn’t nearly as impressed as I’d been at first.  Of course, counting by 5s is pretty cool, too.  As is having 30 things to go…and being less than a week from the finish line.  I think the kids are more excited about the end of 5Down than the other thing happening on the last day of 5Down.*

Solomon has suggested we go on a shopping spree for 1825 things.

This is not funny.**

But he was totally joking, because the kids have totally understood the purpose of 5Down.  And that is awesome.

Day 358 scorecard: 1790 down, 30 to go

* Halloween…

** Well, it is kind of funny, but not funny in the “we should totally do that” kind of way.

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