October 2, 2015

In Which I Basically Levitate: October 2, 2015

So, great news!  In spite of our horrifically neglectful parenting, our child has progressed in reading anyway!  I was pleasantly surprised by how far Clara’s come in her reading in spite of our terrible, woefully inadequate “assistance”.  Tonight Clara read me one of those awful wonderful Mercer Mayer books and she was pretty darn good at it (not without hiccups) and she got it: she laughed at the totally corny funny for kids jokes.   I’m going to call this a break-through.

I’m also going to call this the start of a month-long process.  The great part is: she felt fantastic that I was so pleased with her progress, and I felt wonderful that I didn’t want to claw my own head off and run screaming from the room!  Everybody wins.

I’m not convinced that I’m going to be able to deal with Solomon’s project which involves meditation, basically.  Calm focus without a racing mind is not something I do really well.

So that’s the metaphysical balance part.

On the physical balance part, today I learned that I can do the floating lotus pose.  Which looks like this:

Coincidentally, I look EXACTLY like this guy and I totally didn't need blocks to lift myself...

Coincidentally, I look EXACTLY like this guy* and I totally didn’t need blocks to lift myself…

Maybe it’s not entirely a ‘balance’ pose, but it was awesome, so I’m happy to count it.

That said (and all silliness aside), I’ve decided it’s time for a new mindset on balance.  I’ve always excused myself like this:

“I have weak ankles”

“I just have bad balance”

“Running makes my legs too tired”


But really, much of improvement in athletic endeavors (and, heck, life) is mind over matter.  I’ve decided to take note that other runners have awesome balance.  People with ankles they’ve broken more than once can hold a decent balance pose (I’m looking at you, birthday girl…).  Surely I can learn to shut my brain up and just focus on balancing?

And with that, I did a fairly decent standing pigeon pose with only a tiny bit of wall-grabbing!

Pose not exactly as pictured, but this pigeon IS kind of awesome.

Pose not exactly as pictured, but this pigeon IS kind of awesome…I mean, he’s on 1 leg ALL the time

I’m feeling more balanced already!

Day 336 scorecard: 1680 down, 145 to go

* At least, my eyes look like his after I’ve been up reading far too late into the night…that counts, right?

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