October 28, 2015

Pumpkin Walk Edition: October 28, 2015

My job occasionally lets me witness tears of joy.  Today I saw a lot of those and it was all kinds of awesome.  That’s all I can tell you, but suffice it to say that, in conjunction with another lawyer, we had fantastic success and an awesome result for our clients.

After supper tonight, we went on a pumpkin walk.  It was insanely popular, but it was also a food bank drive, and I have to think they had an outstanding amount of success.  That is also wonderful.  It’s also a great family activity that is accessible (financially) to everyone and it doesn’t accumulate anything other than food and cash for people who need it!  Hooray (5Down approved).

What wasn’t so wonderful was one kid whining and moaning at the start (“why do we have to stand in line?” “why did all these people have to come?” “where are there just pumpkins?” uh, because it’s a pumpkin walk, kid, “why did they bring their dogs, dogs cannot appreciate pumpkins!”*) and another kid whining at the end about having a sore roof of her mouth (yes, her, Clara actually whined and then cried.)**

I also whined about people shining flashlights directly into my face, over and over again.

BUT, the parts where we got to walk along the path and no one was obnoxiously taking sure-to-be-horrible photos or shining their flashlights on the LIT pumpkins…those parts were really, really awesome.  There is something so cool about a path lined with glowing pumpkins that have been carefully, creatively, and (in some cases) spectacularly carved that can just about take your breath away.

I confess I have always hated carving pumpkins.  I hate the smell, I hate the goo, I hate how itchy it makes my arms, it never looks like I want it to (blah, blah) so I am extremely appreciative of pumpkins carved by other people!  It’s the best.  I think they are the best use of pumpkins and a great way to celebrate Halloween.

I recommend going – with patience, a warm coat, and no kids…with kids whose expectations have been carefully managed in advance.

Day 361 scorecard: 1805 down, 15 to go

* To be fair, I 100% agree with that.  If your dog needs a walk, go for a walk with your dog.  If a zillion children are expected and you’re going to be moving at a crawl, leave your dog at home.  Seriously, people, dogs are not people. They’re really, truly NOT people.

** Grandmothers, stand down: she was perfectly fine, she is perfectly fine, it’s fine.

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