October 18, 2015

Pushap = Deliciousness: October 18, 2015

Being away from home is really bad for blogging.

That said, I’m going to tell you all about what makes a great restaurant, in our opinion (“our” being me and Mike: while we got to spend some lovely time together, the kids got to hang out with their Montreal cousins).  There is this little restaurant we love called Pushap.  It apparently started about 25 years ago, originally as an Indian sweets shop.  It morphed into a restaurant, and it’s run by a lovely family.  The food is served on tin plates and with little fanfare.  It’s a friendly place with unchanging decor…and seemingly unchanging prices.  It’s crazy cheap: Mike and I had appetizers (only the best Pakoras ever) and then a 3-curry dinner (the Paneer Korma was kind of the best thing I’ve ever eaten.  Mike claimed he’d join the army if they served Pushap food) followed by 2 sweets each.  It was $20. I know, right!?!  The best part, other than the delicious food, was the fact that it was as we remembered it, if not better.  Sometimes I think I’ve romanticized how great, how cheap, and how friendly the place is…and then we make a visit and we’re enamored all over again.  We reminisced about bringing Max there when he was a wee, fat, smiley baby.  The owner used to hold him and carry him into the kitchen when we visited.  He loved it.  And he loved the Pakoras, too: we remembered him eating them on days when they were particularly spicy and the tears would be running down his face as he reached for me.

Ah, so great.

It’s also a great place to remember what really matters in dining: to us, it would have been a bargain at twice (three times!) the price.  Thanks for being you, Pushap.  We love you.

Day 351 scorecard: 1755 down, 70 to go

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