October 20, 2015

The Gift of Experiences: October 20, 2015

Today we went to a museum (the Montreal Science Centre) and I was again reminded of how much better an experience is than an object.  That is, I was reminded of how much we have all enjoyed the various non-physical gifts throughout this past year.  I loved going to see Mary Poppins with our whole family and Mom and Dad (it was a Mothers’ Day gift), I loved going to see Ben Caplan for my birthday.  What a great thing to have an experience instead of something I need to put somewhere.

Here’s a way to decide which you prefer.  Ask yourself what you received for your birthday last year.  If it was something physical, you probably have a hard time remembering.  If it was a trip, an adventure, an experience, I would argue you are far more likely to remember it.

Of course, other physical gifts are easier to remember.  For instance, my sister gave her (now husband) chainsaw pants for their first Christmas together. Grandma was extremely excited to hear that he had given her a rock.  Sadly, my sister is not given to the overuse of euphemisms.  Grandma looked at Joan’s hands for the expected diamond; he’d given her a geode.  Joan was thrilled; Grandma, not so much.

In any case, the children are likely going to remember the trip to the science centre, the super-fun restaurant visit with family friends, the Bar Mitzvah party, and hanging out with their “Montreal family” more than the hats, t-shirts, and baubles they each got.

Day 354 scorecard: 1770 down, 55 to go

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