October 24, 2015

The Opposite of Lawyers: October 24, 2015

Today I went to a law conference that lasted all day and my biggest takeaway was this: I learned that nearly all lawyers have 4 dominant personality traits:

  1. Pessimism
  2. Thin-skinned
  3. Short-fused
  4. Irritable

How cheerful is that!  All these, of course, are good things when you want to make a living out of imagining worst-case scenarios and sputtering with righteous indignation. Some people seek help for these characteristics.  Other people channel it into lawyering.

Of course, I learned other stuff, too, but no one wants to hear about how to enter business records into evidence in a civil proceeding.  Even lawyers get bored hearing about stuff like that.

After that, I went to a choral concert which was dreamed up by someone who is:

  1. Optimistic
  2. Seemingly impervious to the worst the world has to offer
  3. Suffused with the milk of human kindness
  4. Cheerful.

Can you guess whether this person is a lawyer?  I’m sure he met plenty of lawyers: after all, he’s the guy (Scott Jones) who was assaulted and left for dead just for being a gay man.*  He definitely does not fit the profile!  In fact, rather than tell us all about his horrific experience, he talked about being inspired and buoyed up by the young people he’s meeting and the folk who work hard to make these amazing concerts happen. His experience prompted him to found a choir to spread his “Don’t Be Afraid” campaign.

The music was phenomenal and really diverse – from spirituals, to South African songs, to pop music, and more traditional choir songs.  The choirs were (all 3) wonderfully prepared and gave excellent performances.  The audience was jam-packed and enthusiastic.  It behooves me to mention that 2 of the 3 choirs were the Junior and Senior Annapolis Valley Honour Choir.  They were phenomenal.

What an inspirational experience it was to hear a stage full of youth singing about hope and not being afraid and loving yourself.  Wow.

(Tonight I’m going to let all y’all figure out the connection between the events of today and 5Down.  I know you can do it.)

Day 357 scorecard: 1785 down, 35 to go

* He is paralyzed from the waist down.

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