October 29, 2015

Two Hands Total: October 29, 2015

I promise, with the next blog, there will be no math involved.  I noticed that I’m telling you it’s day 361 today…except that would indicate that there are only 363 days in a year [please note that I edited this and went back to clean up some math].  Clearly, I am somewhat impaired in the math department.  I guess that’s why I chose the number 5 in the first place: it’s all on one hand.

The weather was rather dramatic today (hurricane dregs and storm swells) and I got to drive in it for about 4 hours.  I also got to wait around at an unfamiliar court room with almost nothing to do for a brief appearance that was over 2 hours late getting going.

I was late picking up my kid, and I left my cell phone at home.

At least I can feel fairly confident in guessing that tomorrow can’t be worse.  Right?

For those of you who enjoy my daily moaning and complaining (plus the times I write about stuff less whiny than this) I want to assure you that I will be back blogging on December 1st.   I plan to concoct a survey which I will post this weekend (perhaps as 5Down’s last entry) so I can glean some insight into what my faithful readers liked/didn’t like and the direction I should head next.  My plan is to stick with the same name, but change course. This may involve a new look, too, so you’ll have to stay tuned (and patient).

I find myself really looking forward to 5Downing the hassle of 5Downing every day.  Days like today really are hard to push past to perform my purging magic.  I think we’ll all enjoy the break, but I honestly think we’ve all adapted our viewpoint on the accumulation of clutter.  We’ve all mostly given up on gathering up crap.*  Now it’s almost time to enjoy the rewards without the pressure.  Non-material rewards, that is.

Day 363 scorecard: 1815 down, 10 to go

* with the exception of Clara.

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