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Nov 14/14

Conversational Purging: November 14th, 2014

Another guest assistant! Tonight I suggested Mike could have a look-see to attempt to fulfil the day’s obligatory 5 items.  He selected the “stuff,” we discussed it, and then I asked him to make the chalkboard list.  “What about the spelling?” he asked.  “Just write it down exactly like I have it on this piece of paper,” I replied.*  He did precisely what I’d instructed…including the wrong date.  Apparently he’s feeling very helpful tonight, though, because as soon as I noticed the mistake he voluntarily returned to the basement and corrected the date.  What a guy!

I’m slightly nervous that I’ll miss the hand-vac.  Ever since I purchased this item, back near the beginning of our relationship, it has prompted many repeats of this exact conversations:

“Oh no, I’ve spilled _____!”

“Grab the vacuum and vacuum it up.”

“Okay” [grabs conveniently located hand-vac…runs hand-vac over spilled item for approximately 5 minutes] “This stupid thing doesn’t work!  Why do we even OWN it?!?  Who bought this piece of junk anyway?”

“I know!  We should throw it out!”

“I know!  We SHOULD.” [places hand-vac back in convenient location].

I haven’t identified who said what because it is entirely interchangeable.  In the past couple of years, the children have begun to use it as well.  The only difference in the above conversation is the amount of time dedicated to running the hand-vac.  The children will doggedly run the hand-vac upwards of 10 minutes.  At about 7 minutes the battery charge starts to become seriously diminished and therefore adding this bit of commentary: “why is the battery running low?” “What?” “I SAID WHY IS THE BATTERY RUNNING LOW” “I can’t hear what you’re saying over that extremely loud hand vac and the battery is running low” (return to original conversation).

I don’t know what we’ll talk about now when we spill things.


Day 14 Scorecard: 70 down, 1755 to go

* behind-the-scenes: I write this blog upstairs in our office. The chalkboard is located downstairs.  After days 1 and 2, I ascertained that I am unable to remember a list of 5 items between here and the basement.  Hence, each day I write the list on a sticky-note and transport it with me to the basement.

Solomon took the photo, too.

Solomon’s Guest Post: November 11th, 2014

GUEST POST!  I had no idea I’d be so lucky, but I’ve already got a guest blogger.

This afternoon, Solomon was the only kid in the house.  He was bored, so I suggested he look around and do today’s 5 Down while I worked.  I expected a list…but he went all-in: he found the stuff, he earmarked where it should go, AND he chalked it up on the chalkboard.  I am spoiled.  What follows is my interview with him to elicit his reasons for his suggestions.

1. Black Furby: “I don’t use that anymore and I thought I’d get rid of it.  Maybe I’ll sell it.”

2. Sphero: “I got a new one that was better and I just found the charger cord for it so now I can get rid of it! I am going to give that to my older brother, Max.”

3. 3DS: “I chose to get rid of that because I haven’t used it in a long time and Clara really likes it.  So, I decided to give it to Clara.”

4. 2 Old Puffer Chambers: “Those were for when I was younger and I can’t use them anymore, I have a different kind of chamber now, so I’m going to recycle them or take them back to the pharmacy.”

5. Electronic Scale: “I chose it when I was looking around and I saw it and it hadn’t been out for a long time, we never use it, so I thought it would be something good to get rid of.”

Solomon reports 5 Down has been fun and interesting (so far).  He thinks the entire project is pretty interesting and cool and he thinks it will work. He thinks the point of it is to make room and to not have so many useless things.

And that, friends, is Solomon’s perspective on this ongoing journey.

Day 11 Scorecard: 55 down, 1770 to go.